Monday, January 25, 2010

SharePoint 2007 Content Deploy Quick Start Guide

And there was I working my 455 off preparing for teach Microsoft´s 50149 SharePoint Operations training when...
A word of advise: stay away from this training. The author tries to show EVERYTHING about SharePoint operations but there's no details on *any* of the topics shown. The result is frustrated and/or distracted students, and that's a saddening thing to me as an instructor - not to mention to the students...
Well, there I was studying the module on Content Deployment when I stumbled upon this guide from Stefan Gossner (great SharePoint blog!). It gives a quick and straightforward view on the main points about Content Deplyment on SharePoint 2007. Nice reading if you are new to the subject. Till now, the guide covers the following:

Part 1 - The Basics
Part 2 - The Basics continued
Part 3 - Configuration
Part 4 - Communication
Part 5 - Quick Deployment
Part 6 - Logging
Part 7 - Change Token Basics
Part 8 - Job and Change Token

Part 1 has an link index to the other parts. Enjoy!

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